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Q: Do I only need Life Chiropractic when I am in pain?

A: In short, no.

Chiropractic is Natural Healthcare. It is effective at protecting your health and preventing problems as well as seeing you through the three stages of healing: relief, remodeling, and recovery. The closer a person is to health and well-being, the younger a person is, or the younger they want to feel, the more chiropractic has to offer that person from a preventive value. Clearly, if you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain you should be evaluated by Dr. Eric J. Morrison. However, the body is not designed to be as sensitive to pain as we would like to think. Many problems can begin and/or get worse without you ever feeling it. Only a thorough, objective clinical evaluation can put subtle problems, imbalances, and malfunctions into clear view.

Q: I get massages regularly, so I do not need a Chiropractor, right?

A: Not necessarily true!

Massage seeks to normalize muscle balance, blood and lymphatic flow, and to relieve pain, amongst other things. However, Chiropractic uniquely focusses on working with the Spine, which is the only region of the body where structure (supported by the muscles and skeletal system) and function (controlled by the Nervous System) are directly linked. to such an immense degree. As your Chiropractor, Dr. Eric J. Morrison will find and address Vertebral Subluxations. Two main components of this condition are that Nerves are irritated, so it is a very healthy thing to fix, and bones become rigid, stiff, and fixated out of place. When the bones are so out of position, Massage Therapy is not likely to be effective at restoring function. Pain relief, possibly. Restoring spinal function; unlikely.

Q: Why can’t I simply crack my own back or neck?

A: Please do not do this! You are probably making things worse even if it ‘feels’ better!

Subluxations have a kind of erosive nature about them, and form a pattern of malfunction that causes the spine to break down before its time. When parts of your spine break down, they do so along the paths of tissue damage or weakness; in other words, along the path of least resistance. If you “crack” or “pop” your own neck, the great likelihood is that you are misaligning the bone even further, because it will follow the path of least resistance.

Q: My Pediatrician said that Chiropractic is not safe for my children. Is this true?

A: For all intents and purposes, this is patently false.

Unless there is a specific diagnosis being referenced that is a well-known contra-indication, it is very, very safe. Dr. Eric J. Morrison is experienced and trained in adjusting KiroKids. In fact, he has adjusted precious young ones within 24 hours of birth due to traumatic forces that can occur. In the scientific literature, the number of “adverse effects” (which includes minor soreness afterwards) from Chiropractic Adjustments has been found to be fewer and farther between than adverse reactions to antibiotics, untested vaccines, un-tested medications (including hospitalization and acute organ failure.) Even measured against a weighted scale, Chiropractic comes out on top.

Q: Is it true that once I go to the Chiropractor, I will have to go for the rest of my life?

A: People always have a choice at Life Chiropractic in Zelienople PA. There is no brow-beating, lecturing, or pressure.

Chiropractic is Natural Healthcare, and as such, it has a great deal to offer when incorporated into a person’s lifestyle for a lifetime. You take care of the things you value most: your family, your finances, your car and your house. You only have one spine, one Nervous System, and one life to live through them. If you recognize that, and you recognize that your health is your greatest asset; that it becomes difficult if not impossible to live, laugh, love, work, produce, enjoy, and relax at your best unless you have total health and well-being, then Chiropractic, when explained to you in plain terms you can understand, becomes a natural choice.

That being said, almost everybody understands the concept of getting adjusted periodically to maintain optimal function, yielding a far, far better health result and a healthier, happier, more productive life. However if you are not under regular care, it will likely take some work to get you there. it is important to keep in mind two vital facts:

  • Your current health and function are probably falling substantially short of that, without even knowing it.
  • It is impossible to accurately judge health by how you look or how you feel, because it leaves blind spots for dis-ease, disorder, and ill health.

Spinal fitness is like any other fitness. You can feel great and be out of shape. It takes work to reach the pinnacle of health and function. Our society is like a tidal wave of lifestyle choices and stressors that drive us away from health. But with the right team, encourager, and advocates on your side, you can buck that tide and live a healthy life. That is why we are here!

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to be diagnostic or indicative of your results, nor is it intended to represent any clinical judgment, determination, or recommendation for any condition. Clinical diagnosis, determinations and recommendations can only and will only be made after the doctor has had an opportunity to evaluate a patient in a clinical setting. Results may vary.


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