Wellness Care Is Important

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Just because you don't feel sick, does not mean you feel as great as you could. Far too many people wait until they are sick to find a chiropractic clinic in Zelienople. It is common in our culture to accept a slow decline in health as we age, but it is also unnecessary. We now have information and the advances in the field of health and wellness to live a life of optimal health which, contrary to popular belief, can actually get better as we grow older. This article will walk you through some of the common beliefs about health and discusses how chiropractic medicine can be an important part of your preventative, wellness care plan.

Wellness Care

“Intelligence can solve a problem. Genius can prevent one.

We believe that wise choices should be rewarded. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

We also believe that Wellness Care should NOT break the bank!

Ask yourself: “Which is easier to fix?

  1. New, simple, painless, small problems, or
  2. Chronic, Complex, Painful, Big Problems?

If you agree that option 1 is easier to fix, you already understand the reasoning behind our Wellness Care programs!

Wellness Care is designed to fit the budget (as low as $69.00/month) and time schedule of anyone who takes their health seriously. Think about it! Your ability to work, produce, save, experience, and enjoy life are all enhanced by better health.

Wellness Care is an investment in your health, with huge returns!

Contact us to discuss your opportunity for Wellness Care with Dr. Eric, directly.

How Lifestyle Affects Overall Wellness in Zelienople

The decisions we make and the actions we take in each moment of our day affect our bodies and can slowly produce problems that may not show symptoms. What we eat, how we sit, the work that we do with our bodies, and even the way we emotionally react to a situation, can have long-term impacts on our wellness. If you spend your days sitting at a desk, the way you hold your head or place your arms can have a major impact, not only on your neck and shoulders, but also on your whole body.

This is because the bundle of nerves that sends messages to every other part of our body, originates in our spinal column. When vertebrae become misaligned there are dozens of possible impacts upon our health. This also goes for how we hold emotions in the body. If we are chronically tensing our shoulders due to stress or anxiety, this can once again impact the spine and the rest of the body. As you can see, even if we don't feel sick, we may be in need of a little extra care to prevent daily activities from becoming more severe problems.

Why Wellness Care?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Of course, but how do you define “broke?”

At Life Chiropractic, we define “broke” as “unable to work properly.” This is the foundational reasoning behind our Wellness Care Plans.

In the same way that an individual may experience an “emotional” breakdown due to stress, one may also experience what is known as a “physical breakdown” due to both physical and emotional stress.

One of the most damaging places in which physical breakdown occurs is in the Spine, causing weakness, injury, joint swelling, muscle tightness, disc herniation, and Nerve Pressure all to result. This is all the result of your body switching from Health mode to Stress mode where it is on red alert for short term survival. If you are struggling day to day with sleep, energy, focus, concentration, or even thinking positive thoughts, you may be locked in STRESS MODE. The good news is that there are ways of unlocking you from that condition!

The most effective, safest, and cost-effective way to do this is by restoring natural health through natural Nervous System support. That is the essence of Wellness Care at Life Chiropractic, which focuses on supporting your billions of nerves so that they control, monitor, and communicate properly for a lifetime of better health.

Chiropractic Treatment as Part of a Wellness Care Plan

Chiropractic treatments work to keep the integrity of the nervous system intact and are an excellent choice as a part of a wellness care plan. Regular, gentle adjustments can ensure that the daily impacts of your life are not wearing your health down over time. By performing a thorough evaluation of your health history and current physical state, a chiropractor can help you detect problems before they develop into a more serious issue, keeping you at peak function and feeling great. Call to set up a consultation with our team at Life Chiropractic and start on the path of chiropractic wellness care today.


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